IT Services

IT is an integral part of any business. But while it’s great when it works properly, IT problems can have serious consequences.

HB&O IT Services in Leamington Spa, Coventry and Warwickshire provides efficient, cost-effective, IT support. When you sign up for an initial six-month period, you’ll receive a free IT health check that provides:

  • a system check, including disk error checks and removal of unwanted programmes
  • a software review
  • assessment of your back-up procedures
  • security assessment, including anti-virus measures
  • email system assessment
  • website assessment
  • recommendations for improving or stabilising your IT. 

Our service provides up to three hours of phone and remote support (between 9am-5.30pm) each month, for a small, pre-agreed, monthly fee, so if there’s a problem or query, we’re just a call or an email away. If we need to visit your premises to resolve an issue, there will be a call-out charge. 

We also offer additional services, including:

  • a secure back-up service to protect your data
  • email services, including email synchronisation with your mobile phone
  • website design and upgrading. 


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