International Tax

All cross-border transactions involve tax implications, some relatively straightforward and others highly complex. Working with specialists, like the team at HB&O, is crucial to avoiding potential pitfalls, unforeseen tax liabilities or missed tax planning opportunities.

The right structure for offshore arrangements can reduce tax exposure while still delivering the required level of control. However, tax jurisdictions vary greatly so for a business planning to move or trade into a new overseas territory, our early involvement will enable us to consider key factors, such as double taxation agreements.

While the UK has a wide double taxation treaty network, these arrangements may not always deliver the most favourable approach. In such cases, we can advise on introducing an intermediary company in another country with more advantageous treaty agreement, which can significantly reduce withholding taxes. Other international tax issues we can assist with include:

  • Cross-border transactions
  • Corporate acquisitions and disposals
  • Group reorganisations
  • Tax-efficient profit extraction
  • Assisting with HM Revenue & Customs enquiries
  • Preparing and advising on transfer pricing strategies
  • Supporting internationally mobile employees and individuals
  • Advice on anti-avoidance legislation
  • Cross-border VAT issue.