Cost Doctor Service

Since its inception in 2011, our Cost Management Service has secured savings in excess of £2m for some of our larger clients. We are now pleased to announce our “Cost Doctor Service” which allows all of our clients and whatever their size to benefit from the service and reduce their business expenditure.

Our specialist team of professional buyers would secure and implement savings with certain cost lines, either with new suppliers or through re-negotiation with your incumbent suppliers.

What are the differences between the Cost Management Service and the Cost Doctor Service?

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HB&O is a licensed office of Auditel, the largest cost and procurement network in the UK, as such we have the industry knowledge and supplier relationships to achieve savings that our clients will not be able to access internally.

The Cost Doctor Service offers a risk free opportunity for our clients to release hidden profits within their business, and there is no charge for our services unless we generate cash savings.

Cost Doctor Service fees are very flexible, and can be:

  • Free of charge to the client (often funded by the supplier and their marketing budgets)
  • Based upon the amount of chargeable time for our services (and only if we have successfully implemented the savings)
  • A share of the savings that we generate

The benefits of our Cost Doctor Service includes:

  • Access to our significant economies of scale and influences within the marketplace
  • A comprehensive and independent tender to the marketplace
  • Expert advice on the most appropriate products and services for your business
  • Insight into the goods or services that other companies in your sector or region are using
  • Very little of your client time is involved within the process, we will reduce management time in dealing with these cost areas
  • Access to our team of Specialists, all of which come from a blue-chip background and are highly qualified and experienced in their professional
  • Personal and local service with the team based out of our HB&O Leamington offices
  • We are a self-funding service so there is nothing to lose, at worst case you have complete peace of mind over your costs

Our service can be applied to nearly all areas of business expenditure. Enhance your Buying Department today and call David Kendall or Polly Coleman on 01926 422292 for a free initial discussion.