Audit approach

You can rest assured our audit services will be delivered in accordance with all current legislative requirements and regulations.  Our audit files are fully electronic and follow work programmes set out by the leading supplier to the audit profession “Mercia”, which is responsible for ensuring the work programmes meet correct requirements. 

Every audit we do is tailored for each client but would typically include the following:

  • Transition and Planning: Liaison with outgoing auditors, review of outgoing auditors’ files, assessment of risks, set materiality. Document systems in detail and perform walkthrough tests; Design detailed tests for on site work. Communicate overall audit approach to management.

  • On-Site Visit:Perform detailed tests; Verify presentation and disclosures within the statutory accounts; Draft audit report; Meet to discuss issues and provide feedback.

  • Reporting:

    • Submit Key Issues Memorandum
    • Issue audit report
    • Provide feedback to assist with the improvement and development of systems and processes.