Commitment to reduce plastics sees all HB&O staff kitted out with reusable water bottles

27th September 2019

HB&O has taken steps to improve its sustainability by offering reusable bottles to all staff members. Brightly branded Chilly's bottle's were distributed to staff in Leamington and Coventry in an effort to cut the amount of single-use plastic used by the firm and its employees.

Chilly Bottles

The bottles, which combine the convenience of having a cold bottle of water with the eco-friendly benefits of a traditional flask, have been extremely well received and the team feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Hannah Roe, VFO Manager at HB&O, said:

"I absolutely love my bottle! It's environmentally friendly, helps me cut down on the amount of single-use plastic I use every day and it's really vibrant and fun too. I take it everywhere with me and can't see myself buying another bottle of water again!"
This small gift is the start of an ongoing plan to reduce HB&O’s impact on the environment and HB&O has asked the team for ideas and recommendations for ways in which the company can further improve.