Budget will set agenda for next election

17th March 2014


This year’s Budget is likely to set the agenda for the next General Election in 2015, as the Government unveils its future spending plans. As a result, Chancellor George Osborne is expected to announce a raft of new measures on 19 March that will affect both individuals and businesses alike. 

Measures are expected to be taken to increase exports and to secure more business investment, while it is likely that the standard personal allowance for basic rate taxpayers will be raised to £10,000 or more. 

Post-2014 budget chat

In order to help business owners and individuals make sense of the key points of the Budget, and how it will impact on them and their businesses, tax specialists from HB&O will be hosting an online chat room between 9am and 12.30pm on 20 March, the day after the Budget, in which the firm’s partners will be available to discuss any of the issues which arose. 

The chat room will be accessible via our website – www.hboltd.co.uk – with users required to enter their name and email address in order to chat one-to-one with an expert. The conversation will not be seen by any other users, ensuring confidentiality. 

George Osborne has promised that his Budget will support business investment and lay foundation for long-term economic security. 

While we are unlikely to see any dramatic tax cuts, we are likely to see a number of new measures, which will need to be looked at in detail.

We understand that this can be difficult for individuals and business owners to keep up with, but they can speak directly to our tax specialists using our innovative one-on-one private online chat facility to identify what issues will affect them, and crucially, what action to take.

We hope that as many business owners as possible will take advantage of this exciting opportunity.