Business support services

At HB&O in Leamington Spa, Coventry and Warwickshire, we believe in making life easier for our family business and other clients.

That’s why we offer a one stop shop approach to our services, so that we offer all the solutions our clients need to take care of their financial issues.

We offer a full range of accountancy, audit and tax compliance advice and support as well as outsourced bookkeeping and payroll services, as cost-effective alternative to in-house teams.

And unlike many other accountancy firms of our size, we also offer a much broader range of professional services to make it easy for family businesses to tap into specialist expertise. These include:

  • Cost Management Service – our service is typically able to identify savings of around 20 per cent on costs including utilities, stationery and other office supplies. It’s completely risk-free because if we can’t identify any savings, you pay us nothing and when we do make savings, your fee is calculated at 50 per cent of the amount saved, so you always gain financially
  • Disaster recovery planning – the service uses use scenario planning to predict the type of disasters likely to affect a business and identify its vulnerable areas, then develops solutions to eliminate or mitigate their impact
  • HR compliance – the service offers an initial health check on employee contracts, policies, procedures, handbooks and other employment-related paperwork, to identify any areas that need updating for legal compliance and recommend changes. For a fixed monthly fee, clients then have ongoing access to HB&O’s in-house HR expertise to deal with any queries
  • IT support – starting with a free IT health check that includes a report with recommendations for improving or stabilising IT systems, the service continues with phone and remote support for a cost-efficient monthly fee
  • Risk assurance – this specialist service involves experts in the field carrying out independent, objective and thorough assessments of all or selected business processes, both financial and operational, to put in place effective control strategies
  • Geographical Targeting – this service refines key search terms – including those with a geographical emphasis – to work in the most effective way, to ensure your website maximises results and the customers you want to attract can find you.