Cost Management Service

Running a business doesn’t leave much time to shop around for the best value providers of essentials like gas, electricity, stationery or courier services.

HB&O Cost Management Service can do the job for you, saving you money that you then can put back into your business. We’ll carry out a no obligation review of your costs to identify where we can cut your bills, through process improvements, cost optimisation techniques and better value providers.

Our service vets all suppliers for quality and is carried out on a no win, no fee basis, so it’s completely risk-free. If we can’t identify any savings at a level pre-agreed with you, you pay us nothing.  

When we do make savings, your fee is calculated at 50 per cent of the amount saved over a pre-agreed period, so you will always gain financially. You’ll also pay nothing for our service until you start receiving the benefit.

Cost Doctor Service

Since its inception in 2011, our Cost Management Service has secured savings in excess of £2m for some of our larger clients.