Succession planning services

Strategic business planning is crucial to keep your business moving in the right direction and to identify the tools and actions necessary to help you achieve your goals.

Exit planning also forms an integral part of your business strategy. Although the time when you plan to step aside from your business may be many years ahead, making plans now for what happens to your business when you want to retire or move on is crucial – or your hard work could be for nothing.

At HB&O Corporate Finance, we help business owners to explore the options for a future transition of their enterprise.

We'll look at the skills, abilities and wishes of children or other relatives, to help determine whether keeping the business in the family is the right option.

If there is no obvious family successor, a management buyout, a business sale to an external buyer or even winding up the business and realising its assets might be appropriate.

We'll help you to put in place an exit plan designed to achieve your desired outcome, including addressing financial and tax issues.

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