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The implication on VAT for the provision of services to the EU

In this blog, we look at addressing the VAT implications when providing services to the EU, post Brexit.

22 Oct 19

The electric vehicle revolution – tax implications for electric company cars

Electric vehicles are rapidly changing the face of the automotive industry, and with the impact of increased accessibility and environmental awareness, the amount of electric vehicles globally reached 5 million by the end of 2018, compared with just 14,260 in 2010.

18 Oct 19

Property as an investment for landlords - implications to consider

With low interest rates, property remains attractive

09 Oct 19

Post Brexit Trading with the EU made easier with the help of Transitional Simplified Procedures

If you are planning to make use of postponed accounting you must first register for, and be approved to use, ‘Transitional Simplified Procedures’, which have been designed to simplify the import and export process in the case of a no deal Brexit.

02 Oct 19

One year to prepare: how businesses in the construction industry can get set for the VAT reverse charge

The ‘Domestic Reverse Charge’, initially due to be implemented from 1st October 2019, has been delayed for 12 months but it's still important for businesses to assess how the changes will affect them to ensure they are fully prepared next year.

01 Oct 19

Deal or no Deal? Changes to accounting process for Import VAT in a No Deal Brexit

With Brexit, there appears to be more unknowns than knowns at this moment in time but whatever the case, it’s vital that businesses prepare themselves for the possibility of a no deal Brexit.

24 Sep 19

Succession Planning: Your Personal Finances

You have put in the ground work to guarantee a smooth exit from your business and ensure that the value of your hard work has been maximised when you do choose to leave, but what happens to the money you’ve made following the sale of your business?

17 Sep 19

More challenges ahead for property investors and landlords

Whether you consider yourself a property investor or an accidental landlord, there are more changes on the horizon, which affect how your capital gains and rental income will be taxed.

06 Aug 19

Is now the right time to review your mortgage?

Keeping an eye on rates and deals once this period has ended could save homeowners a significant amount of money as newer, better deals maybe available.

16 Jul 19

Could you claim tax-free childcare this summer?

The school holidays are fast approaching, and many parents will be faced with the familiar juggling act of managing work while keeping children occupied.

05 Jul 19