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7 top tips for starting a business

The New Year gets the cogs turning in peoples’ heads about changing their careers, or taking the plunge into self employment as, often, a new year provides a sense of invigoration and motivation for change and reinvention.

08 Jan 20

Late payments causing cash flow issues? Here’s four ways how Xero can help.

A quarter of small business owners in the UK believe their business will fold in the next five years, with late payments being the biggest concern.

18 Dec 19

Get set for Self-Assessment

With less than two months left until the 31 January deadline for online returns, self-assessment is very much on our minds as December and January are when things ramp up in our tax department.

10 Dec 19

UK 2019 General Election Manifestos – what are the proposed tax changes?

We have put together an overview of the proposals in each manifesto specifically relating to the tax policies.

03 Dec 19

VAT Quick Fixes relating to EU border trade - is your business prepared?

A draft bill has been approved to simplify the cross-border supply of goods, also known as VAT ‘Quick Fixes’, from January 2020.

29 Nov 19

Why timing matters – picking the right moment to review your annual accounts

For many, the most popular time for an annual accounts review is shortly after your business’ year end. But in an age of digital records and cloud accounting, we no longer have to wait to see a clear picture of how your business is doing.

19 Nov 19

Gearing up to go global

The rise of e-commerce and emerging opportunities in developing countries have helped make it more accessible than ever to trade internationally. But with complicated tax implications and differing laws, it can be hard to know where to start. We have outlined some of the things to consider when thinking about operating overseas.

13 Nov 19

How to tackle a business valuation dispute

No one goes into business expecting to fall out with their business partners or shareholders. But if circumstances change, relationships can become strained and disagreements can set in – before you know it, you’re heading into legal action to determine the value of your business. In this article we share tips on how to prevent share valuation disputes arising and what to do if the worst happens.

08 Nov 19

Steps to shield your business from fraud

Fraud can be characterised as ‘rule-bending’, but for businesses struggling to manage cashflow it can have catastrophic effects, especially as fraud might take months or even years to detect.

07 Nov 19

What is my business worth?

There are some fundamental principles, both on a financial and non-financial basis, upon which a business valuation is made.

01 Nov 19