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Planning a good exit

In our experience, business owners should start getting their house in order five years before they intend to leave their business.

19 Dec 18

Tax-friendly treats for your staff

Did you know there’s a tax efficient way to treat your staff? If you’re thinking of buying small gifts for your team in the run up to Christmas, here’s what you need to know.

14 Dec 18

Landlord Tax - what you need to know

Buying properties with the sole purpose of renting it out has widely become a popular source of income, but what are the tax implications of buying property to let?

30 Nov 18

VAT and non-UK businesses selling Goods in the UK

If you are a business located outside the EU and you are selling goods to a UK consumer (via an online marketplace or via an alternative route), then you may need to register for and account for UK VAT on sales of goods. We can help.

16 Nov 18

What does a no deal Brexit mean for VAT?

Back in the summer when the deadline for a Brexit deal still felt reasonably far away, HMRC published guidance for businesses on what would happen to VAT in the “unlikely” scenario that we leave the EU without a deal.

02 Nov 18

Budget blog: Positive news for Charities

The Government has announced that as from April 2019, charities that are engaged in trading activities can receive an increase in the exemption limits for profits earned from those trading activities.

31 Oct 18

Budget blog: Entrepreneurs relief – do you still qualify?

In addition to the extension to the of the qualifying period for entrepreneurs’ relief from one year to two years, a disposal of shares in a personal company has also seen a change to tests of a ‘personal company’.

31 Oct 18

Budget blog: New Buildings and Structure Capital Allowances

In a measure out of the blue, the Chancellor announced a new capital allowance (known as SBA), effective immediately for expenditure on new non-residential structures and buildings.

31 Oct 18

Budget blog: Personal allowance brings a welcome windfall

The government’s promise to increase the personal allowance to £12,500 and the higher rate threshold to £50,000 brought forward by one year.

31 Oct 18

Budget blog: Government targets ‘off-payroll’ working in the Private Sector

At present, the application of the off-payroll rules (known as IR35) rests not with the engager but with the Personal Service Company

31 Oct 18