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Gearing up to go global

The rise of e-commerce and emerging opportunities in developing countries have helped make it more accessible than ever to trade internationally. But with complicated tax implications and differing laws, it can be hard to know where to start. We have outlined some of the things to consider when thinking about operating overseas.

13 Nov 19

How to tackle a business valuation dispute

No one goes into business expecting to fall out with their business partners or shareholders. But if circumstances change, relationships can become strained and disagreements can set in – before you know it, you’re heading into legal action to determine the value of your business. In this article we share tips on how to prevent share valuation disputes arising and what to do if the worst happens.

08 Nov 19

Steps to shield your business from fraud

Fraud can be characterised as ‘rule-bending’, but for businesses struggling to manage cashflow it can have catastrophic effects, especially as fraud might take months or even years to detect.

07 Nov 19

What is my business worth?

There are some fundamental principles, both on a financial and non-financial basis, upon which a business valuation is made.

01 Nov 19

Are you savvy about your Cyber Security?

While the Internet of Things – where all of our devices are interconnected via the cloud – offers an abundance of opportunity, it can also leave you vulnerable to the threat of a cyber attack.

31 Oct 19

IR35 in the private sector explained – what contractors need to consider

From April 2020, the government is planning to bring off-payroll working in the private sector in line with the rules for the public sector.

28 Oct 19

The implication on VAT for the provision of services to the EU

In this blog, we look at addressing the VAT implications when providing services to the EU, post Brexit.

22 Oct 19

The electric vehicle revolution – tax implications for electric company cars

Electric vehicles are rapidly changing the face of the automotive industry, and with the impact of increased accessibility and environmental awareness, the amount of electric vehicles globally reached 5 million by the end of 2018, compared with just 14,260 in 2010.

18 Oct 19

Property as an investment for landlords - implications to consider

With low interest rates, property remains attractive

09 Oct 19

Post Brexit Trading with the EU made easier with the help of Transitional Simplified Procedures

If you are planning to make use of postponed accounting you must first register for, and be approved to use, ‘Transitional Simplified Procedures’, which have been designed to simplify the import and export process in the case of a no deal Brexit.

02 Oct 19