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Motor dealers could be eligible for a refund of VAT following new guidance from HMRC

Motor dealers that have traditionally paid output VAT on the total sale price of a vehicle, without deducting the amount of any dealer deposit contributions (DDCs), are now being encouraged to apply for a VAT refund.

30 Jul 18

Top tips for building a great team

Earlier this year, HB&O was delighted to receive the accolade of ‘Team of the Year’ at the Coventry & Warwickshire FirstPro Awards.

26 Jul 18

Do you dream of building your own house?

VAT savings could make it more affordable, says Jessica Mason, VAT Consultant at HB&O

25 Jul 18

Three top tips to improve your cyber security

Cyber security is never far from the headlines, with TicketMaster and Dixons Carphone being among those affected by cyber-attacks in the last few weeks.

19 Jul 18

Planning for an uncertain future

Coventry Director, Wayne Gutteridge, shares some advice to help businesses navigate choppy waters.

11 Jul 18

Auditing in the spotlight - why quality and independence has never been more important

The quality of audits has been in the spotlight recently, particularly following the collapse of Carillion.

05 Jul 18

How sharing best practice can raise your business profile

With the growth of the internet, social media and content marketing, we have witnessed a huge change in the amount of information organisations are willing to share.

25 May 18

Business Turnaround: why common sense and a proper business plan are the best tools to have in your armoury

Statistically, more than half of Britain's small businesses collapse through lack of cash.

30 Apr 18

Your approach to customer service should be part of your business plan, says Steve Mugglestone

Do you remember how receiving great customer service made you feel? If you don’t, it may be fair to say it doesn’t happen enough.

12 Apr 18

Charity begins at home – leading the way in transforming the sector

Charities are having to navigate a complex and challenging landscape. On top of the everyday pressures of raising enough money to support the growing demand for services, charities are faced with changing regulation, funding cuts and the fallout from recent high-profile scandals.

09 Mar 18