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Financial Advice Documents             Mortgage Advice Documents

  Risk Questionnaire   Client Agreement
  Client Questionnaire          Client Questionnaire
  Client Agreement                                                                              
  Letter of Authority  
  Letter of Appointment    

Brochures and Guides

Year End Tax Guide 2017/18
Tax Card 2018/19
Autumn Budget 2017
Guide to How Brexit could affect your finances
Budget Report 2016

Business Updates

 Spring Statement 2018
 Wealth Knowledge March 2018
 Financial Update - Succession planning for family businesses
 Financial Update - Saving for your child
 Wealth Knowledge February 2018
 Financial Update - Investment Trusts 
 Financial Update - Windfalls
 Wealth Knowledge January 2018
 Financial Update - Protection for individuals
 Financial Update - Pension lump sums
 Wealth Knowledge December 2017
 Financial Update - Financial planning and trusts
 Financial Update - Employee benefits 
 Wealth Knowledge November 2017
 Financial Update - Equity release 
 Financial Update - Options at retirement
 Wealth Knowledge October 2017
 Financial Update - Dying without a valid will
 Financial Update - Annuities
 Wealth Knowledge September 2017
 Financial Update - Maximising your pension savings
 Financial Update - Investing in ethical funds
 Wealth Knowledge August 2017
 Financial Update - Alternative to savings accounts
 Financial Update - Financial planning for the self-employed
 Wealth Knowledge July 2017
 Financial Update - The State Pension Explained July 2017
 Wealth Knowledge June 2017
 Financial Update - Estate Planning June 2017  
 Financial Update - Separation & Divorce June 2017
 Wealth Knowledge May 2017
 Financial Update - Creating an effective ISA strategy May 2017
 Financial Update - Getting ready to invest May 2017
 Wealth Knowledge April 2017
 Finance Update - Auto-enrolment for small employers April 2017
 Finance Update - Working out your attitude to risk April 2017