We’re joining the Brexit debate!

26th October 2018

As part of the Coventry & Warwickshire Business Festival we have decided to put our heads above the parapet, together with Lloyds Bank, Poppleton & Appleby, Band Hatton Button, HB&O Financial Services and a few others. We are endeavouring to fathom and discuss the key issues facing our clients and as well as offering help and support to the post Brexit business community in Coventry and Warwickshire.

In an open forum discussion on Tuesday 27th November at The Old Shire Hall Warwick, our expert panel will attempt to define what we can expect after Brexit. You can find tickets for the discussion HERE.

Certainly from a business, accounting and tax perspective, the question is where do we start? From the movement of goods, contracts, financial planning, product compliance, people and supply chain issues to taxation and technology, the areas that need to be addressed are substantial and complicated - and this is just in relation to accounting. Our legal, banking, wealth management and insolvency partners will also have many key issues and topics to raise but by bringing together experts from their relevant fields, we hope to explore the concerns facing the business community and take steps to help shed light on what a post Brexit Britain may look like.

You can join us for the discussion at the end of November, but we are also asking your help to define the debate. Send over your questions and observations and we will endeavour to discuss them, and hopefully tackle them, at our what can we expect after Brexit? debate.

Tweet us @HBOltd or send us a message via our website https://www.hboltd.co.uk/contact