Midlands box manufacturer is celebrating record turnover as it turns 25 years old.

4th May 2017

Box Factory

A Midlands box manufacturer is celebrating record turnover as it turns 25 years old.

The Box Factory - which designs, manufactures and delivers over 30 million boxes per year to around 350 customers in the UK – turned over £1 million in a month for the first time in January, and did so again in March.

It follows a seven-figure investment in the firm’s machinery and infrastructure over the past four years, allowing the firm to boost their productivity to clients from sectors ranging across food and drink, medical, electrical and construction.

The firm is also being assisted by accountants and financial advisers Harrison Beale & Owen (HB&O) to capitalise on opportunities to maximise business efficiencies and growth opportunities.

Neil Price has been with the Box Factory, based on the Sydenham Industrial Estate in Leamington Spa, since 1993 and is now the current Managing Director.

He said: “The journey of growth that we have been on is just fantastic.

“The business has grown organically on a consistent basis over the years, but it’s actually the last four to five years where it has grown at a much faster pace.

“The investment in our machinery has enabled us to win a number of significant new contracts while also increasing the average spend of many of our existing customers.

“This is because we now have wider capabilities, whether it is being able to handle larger orders or being able to produce higher quality, complex packaging.

“The plan for the future is to continue on our upward trajectory of growth – our turnover grew by 19 per cent last year and we are hoping for more of the same.”

Sarah Wilson, director at HB&O, provides strategic business advice and accounts expertise to The Box Factory, including tax and finance brokering services to help the company go from strength-to-strength.

She added: “The Box Factory is a great success story for Leamington and the wider Midlands business community, and further demonstrates our region is a great place to do business.

“Neil and his team have really thought ‘outside the box’ with their investments to make themselves stand out from the competition.

“As a business grows so does the need to monitor the numbers very carefully, so we’ll be working closely with Neil and his team over the next few months to maintain a healthy cash flow, while also looking at the wider landscape and the permutations of Brexit to identify any avenues for further growth.”