HB&O helps shape the future of global accountancy

27th February 2018

HB&O was delighted to be involved with the DFK Future Leaders Summit in Dubai earlier this month, helping to shape the future of the association and drive forward innovation in accountancy.



DFK International is one of the world’s leading associations of independent accounting firms and business advisors. HB&O’s membership enables us to access a global network of trusted accountancy firms, benefiting our clients throughout the UK and overseas. The Future Leaders Summit brought together representatives from across the world to network, exchange ideas and work on strategies for the development of DFK International over the next five to ten years.

Speaking after the conference, HB&O director, Sarah Wilson, said: “The DFK Future Leaders Summit provided an important opportunity for firms like ours to share knowledge and expertise with leading accountants around the world, and pick up new ideas and techniques to support our clients in the UK. We were particularly pleased to take part in workshops designed to drive the future of the international DFK network, and develop more innovative and effective accountancy and business practices.”

Since joining DFK, HB&O has used its membership to help clients with expansions overseas, as well as overcoming business hurdles. It also means HB&O has its finger on the pulse of the accountancy industry and ensures we are up to date with the latest trends around the globe.