Harrison Beale and Owen donates £3,750 to help tackle social isolation and improve mental health and wellbeing

5th July 2019

Harrison Beale and Owen (HB&O) has recently donated £3,750 to two local projects, Time Out and Achieving Results in Communities Community Interest Company (ARC CIC). The projects were brought to HB&O’s attention by the Heart of England Community Foundation, which manages the firm’s grants and highlights charities to the firm that it could support.


Based in North Warwickshire, Time Out helps to tackle social isolation by providing companionship to lonely people, with regular visits to their home or by taking them out to a place of their choice. The project, which was awarded a grant of £1,750, supports its users with activities such as shopping or gardening, and transports people to and from appointments if they struggle to get around.

Tracey, operational manager and secretary at Time Out said: “This money will help subsidise the cost of the support work we do – it currently costs £10 per hour for the people we visit and take out, but the actual cost to us is higher than that. Helping people like Mary and June (pictured above) is so important. A simple trip with them to a place like Dobbies Garden Centre does so much for their wellbeing.”

ARC CIC, which is based in Leamington Spa, received a grant totaling £2,000 to promote the activities that they are undertaking in the local area. The project transforms unused land and assets in Warwick District into open spaces and encourages people to embrace nature to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Kristie Naimo, Director of ARC CIC said: “Getting outside and enjoying nature is so important for our physical and mental health – research has shown being in green environments actually reduces blood pressure, which can contribute to stress. This money will help us promote all the different activities we have for people living in Warwick District.

“We’ll be able to visit events like the Peace Festival in Leamington and others in the district to show people what we’re doing. We’re very happy HB&O has awarded us this grant through the Heart of England Community Foundation. The Foundation’s support has allowed us to access more funding and to raise our profile as a result.”

Staff at HB&O collectively voted for both projects being impressed with the work they do in the community. Craig Payne, Charity Chairman at HB&O, said: “We’re very keen to support smaller local charities which don’t necessarily receive the same recognition as the larger charities do, when their work is equally as valuable to those who are in need.

 “Without the Foundation’s expert local knowledge, the great work that the two chosen projects are doing might have gone under our radar. That’s one of the great benefits of working with the Foundation - it means we can rest assured our money is going to the right places in the heart of the communities in which we operate as a firm.”

Tina Costello, director of the Heart of England Community Foundation said: “When HB&O told us they would prefer to support smaller charities in Coventry and Warwickshire, we knew both ARC CIC and Time Out would be a great fit.

“We’re glad HB&O have chosen to support the two charities after we introduced them to their work, and we hope the money donated allows them to continue to undertake the important work they are doing.”

Anyone wishing to learn more about Time Out or ARC CIC can visit their websites at https://timeoutliving.co.uk/ or www.arccic.co.uk/dose-of-nature