How sharing best practice can raise your business profile

25th May 2018

With the growth of the internet, social media and content marketing, we have witnessed a huge change in the amount of information organisations are willing to share. Demonstrating knowledge is the currency many businesses now use to trade for new business, with most being careful to share enough to pique your interest and encourage contact. But raising your profile is only part of the story. When it comes to leading your business and your team, there are greater opportunities to be had for those willing to share.

Sharing best practice in your own organisation

It’s all too easy to focus on the day job and leave the learning for later but sharing information about key changes affecting your industry, or new ideas which could be adapted and used to support other clients allows you to improve skills, reduce duplication and enhance productivity across your business. It’s also essential that this is not restricted to top-down information-sharing. Providing a platform for employees to share their skills not only increases their contribution to your organisation – it’s likely to enhance their morale too.

Professional Associations and Networks

Many industries have professional bodies representing them, some of which operate continuous professional development as part of your membership. While smaller businesses are often good at tapping into these resources, don’t forget that you also have something to contribute.  Talk to your professional body about how you can share your knowledge of tools or issues relevant to your sector.

Making the most of local business networking

As business networks have grown in number, they have become more competitive in their offering, which benefits us all. Careful selection can mean you not only meet the right people, but also expand your own knowledge thanks to the many speakers willing to share some of their tips. HB&O regularly speaks at a forum for charities as it’s one of our specialist areas. Our legislative updates give attendees some useful information while also raising our profile. Why don’t you showcase what is unique about your organisation?

Sharing best practice through awards

Organising the Leamington Business Awards for the last two years has put HB&O in the privileged position of hearing about some fantastic work being done by local organisations and individuals in the local area. What is striking is how few organisations realise they have something special to share.

Are you working in an innovative way? How do you engage and reward your team? Do you support your local community? Do you go the extra mile for your customers? Answering questions such as these can help business owners identify where their unique strengths lie. As well as sharing this information with your team, clients and peers, why not go one stage further and enter an award? Even being shortlisted provides external endorsement of your efforts and helps position your organisation as a leader in its field.

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