Adjusting to remote working during the coronavirus crisis

30th March 2020

A huge majority of the UK workforce, whatever sector they may be in, will now find themselves working from home.  At HB&O, our team of 100 is now operating remotely and have established new ways of working, ensuring we are working as effectively and as positively as we can.

Here we share our top tips with you to help optimise your 'working from home' day:

The simple things make a big difference

It’s important to establish as much routine as you can. Getting to bed at a decent time, setting an alarm, doing some exercise to get those endorphins pumping – whether it’s taking advantage of your daily exercise quota with an early morning or lunchtime walk or jog, a YouTube or TV exercise class.  Joe Wicks - The Body Coach is currently the nation’s self-appointed PE teacher and is streaming a daily 30-minute class at 9am for the whole family and is a great way to start your morning.

Small routines throughout the day like getting dressed and getting to your workstation at the same time each day or ensuring you allow yourself time for lunch will really help, otherwise, your day can become unfocused. 

Establish a dedicated workspace, free from distraction

If you have an area of the house you can establish an office set up – whether it’s a spare room or the kitchen table, this will give you a sense of structure. Remove yourself from the distractions around you as much as possible.

Explore different ways of communicating

Luckily, technology enables us to work effectively from home and there’s no reason for communication to decrease or to feel isolated.

At HB&O, we have recently rolled out Microsoft Teams, which enables a more agile approach to communication. Think ‘WhatsApp’ with lots of added extras, such as instant messaging, collaborative editing, and video conferencing.

Zoom, the video conferencing app is also a great option. The basic package enables unlimited 1-1 meetings but limits group meetings of three or more people to 40 minutes. If you need longer group meetings, you can sign up to a monthly plan.  There’s various options available, depending on the size of your team and your overall requirements. It’s another great way that HB&O is able to communicate, not only internally but with clients too! 

Keeping virtual meetings efficient

It’s important to try and maintain meeting structure, have a ‘host’ and set out an agenda; otherwise your meeting can easily slip into a frustrating session with everyone vying to speak.

Keeping in contact with managers and other team members, as well as service providers and clients

There’s definitely a balance to be struck here, working remotely can spark the need to over-communicate, but it’s crucial to ensure projects, workloads, priorities, and timeframes are being communicated effectively.

Thinking creatively about new opportunities

If you run your own business, this may be especially applicable. You could find yourself with more time and headspace to think. Whether this allows you to do that task on your list that you never quite get around to doing, reigniting conversations with contacts or thinking about news ways to work and innovate - there has never been a better time than right now!

Staying positive to minimise anxiety

Be kind to yourself, take breaks from your screen, go and sit in the garden or in a sunny spot in your house for 10 minutes with a cup of tea or coffee. Minimise your exposure to the news and tune in to limited broadcasts a day. If you’re able to work whilst listening to music or the radio, listen to a station that will uplift your mood. Eat healthily but also give yourself the occasional treat!

If you would like any advice or guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us on or call 01926 422 292.

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