Should I put my rental properties into a limited company?

Should I put my rental properties into a limited company?

Thinking of putting your residential property portfolio into a limited company? We’ve summarised the main options for the legal structure and the important tax liabilities to plan for. It’s not unusual for business owners to have existing residential property investments, or to want to invest in this area. But if you’re thinking of dipping a […]

Research and Development Tax Relief – Your Questions Answered

Many businesses are paying more tax than they need to because they fail to capitalise on potential savings available via Research & Development (R&D) tax relief. Eligibility for R&D is extremely broad – put simply, if you are seeking to create or enhance a product of process (making something faster, shorter, more robust, more economical, […]

Domestic Reverse Charge for VAT: 6 Practical Steps to Prepare

If you operate a VAT registered business within the building and construction industry, you will likely have heard about the ‘Domestic Reverse Charge’ which will change the way VAT is to be collected.   Initially, the new legislation was due to be implemented from 1st October 2019 however, due to a lack of guidance from HMRC, pressure from […]

Green grants: how you can access funding to fuel a sustainable recovery

As the country starts to reopen, the government is prioritising a green recovery by encouraging further investment into clean innovation and green technology.   Over the past few weeks, various grants and competitions, such as the Sustainable Innovation Fund and the Driving the Electric Revolution Challenge have been announced to provide funding to businesses that are putting sustainable […]