Exit Strategy – What should you consider?

Would your business fall apart without you? What’s your Plan B in case of accident, illness, or if you wanted to take an occasional holiday? If you were thinking of selling it, what’s your exit strategy? Would your business still thrive, or would it suffer a catastrophic failure if you suddenly stepped away? It’s tough […]

Four essential things every business owner should evaluate today

Business Planning Meeting

As we moved into 2022 earlier this year, there was a collective sigh of relief as it felt like we had finally left the COVID-19 pandemic in the past. But in doing this, for many, it still feels a little bit ‘Groundhog Day’. It can be incredibly easy to keep your head down and charge forward looking for an ever-moving finish […]

What is my business worth?

It’s a well-known concept that, essentially, ‘the business is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it’, but there are some fundamental principles, both on a financial and non-financial basis, upon which a business valuation is made. Net Assets Does the business have a strong balance sheet with plenty of cash? Is there a lot […]