ActOn Ventures - Sandeep Gulati, Chairman


Sandeep Gulati, the Chairman of ActOn said: “We have been keen to establish in Malaysia so that we can exploit the South East Asian market as we see considerable potential for our operations. But, that is never a straightforward process and it was key that we had financial knowledge of the local territory but also wanted to be sure we would get the level of service we enjoy with HB&O. 

“The fact that they could refer us to a like-minded company with the same level of expertise meant we could move forward with total confidence.” 

Phil Ewing, director at HB&O said “When you have developed a strong working relationship with a company it is really rewarding to see it expand internationally, which is just what ActOn are doing.  

“It can be very lonely and uncertain opening up abroad and DFK members provide the reassurance and local expertise needed.” Phil added.