Theme3 - David Harding

Creative design and build specialist, Theme3, has got off to a flying start, helped by a strong relationship with accountants and business advisers, HB&O. 

Almost a year ago, successful event management entrepreneur, David Harding, turned to his bank for advice on the best accountant to support what was to become his new venture, Theme3.  Having been pointed in the direction of HB&O, David began working with our Coventry team on a wide range of accountancy and business support services including payroll, accounts, pensions and financial advice. 

Theme3 specialises in designing and building themed experiences at hotels, restaurants, theme parks and retail outlets across the UK and overseas. David was keen to ensure the business was run by specialists, not driven by bean-counters, and has kept his core team deliberately small, using sub contractors when needed. 

Rather than employing his own in-house finance team, David relies on HB&O’s Virtual Finance Office service to provide his day-to-day and strategic financial support, with all the critical information available to him in real time using HB&O’s recommended cloud accounting system, Xero. 

David is delighted with the support he receives from HB&O: “HB&O offers a superb service and brilliant value for money. They are readily available and respond quickly and efficiently to all my requests.” David said. 

With much of the finance function delivered by HB&O, David and his colleagues are free to focus on what Theme3 does best – creating unique experiences for clients such as Legoland, Alton Towers and the London Dungeon. 

“Based on the positive experience I have had with HB&O, I can’t imagine ever employing my own finance staff again.” David added. “With Xero, I know exactly what state my business is in at any moment simply by looking at my smartphone, and HB&O’s team of experts ensure all my payroll, pensions and ad hoc finance queries are covered.”  

“The support I get from HB&O is second to none – they are fantastic,” David concluded.