Jonic Engineering Limited - Peter Blakeman

“They talk real business sense”: that’s Peter Blakeman’s verdict on the team at HB&O and it’s a big factor in his successful working relationship with the firm. 

As a man who knows about business – he bought Birmingham-based hydraulic cylinder specialist Jonic Engineering in 1978 and has since expanded its workforce fivefold – Peter also knows what he wants from an accountant. 

Several years ago, he was becoming increasingly unhappy with his existing accountant and was put in touch with HB&O through a personal recommendation from an existing client of the firm. 

Initially, the firm prepared Jonic’s accounts and looked after Peter’s personal tax returns but over the years he has tapped into their broader range of services, including tax and personal pension advice. 

Elsewhere he has made use of HB&O’s Cost Management Service – which finds ways to cut business’s bills for items such as energy, office supplies and security – to reduce Jonic’s fuel usage costs and has sought their advice on financial matters relating to divorce. 

Peter says Jonic has faced some “interesting challenges” over the years but the company’s commitment to quality design, manufacture and service has won it a number of blue chip customers. Meanwhile, a new product Jonic is in the process of patenting has real potential to move the company forward. 

Looking back at his working relationship with HB&O, Peter says: “I have had a couple of other accountants over the years and HB&O are so much better. 

“They talk real business sense and will flag up areas of the company or issues we need to look at and opportunities to make savings. A lot of accountants say they are proactive: HB&O really are.”