Intrepid Control Systems UK - Carl Hills, Managing Director


Harrison Beale & Owen (HB&O) has been helping Intrepid Control Systems get off to a flying start in the UK.



The challenge:

Intrepid Control Systems UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intrepid Control Systems Inc of Maddison Heights Michigan USA. The company had started to build a customer base in the UK, operating out of its European subsidiary in Germany. Having taken the decision to set up in the UK, experienced engineer, Carl Hills, was tasked with setting up the company, while maintaining sales and building customer relationships.

Following a recommendation via the DFK International network, Carl turned to HB&O to support him in establishing Intrepid Control Systems UK.

Our approach

Our team, led by Coventry Director, Phil Ewing, provided comprehensive support to Carl, to help him set up the UK company from scratch and establish all the necessary compliance processes and management systems needed to get the business off to a great start. HB&O’s services included:

  • Setting up/training on Xero cloud accounting software
  • Setting up/operating the payroll
  • Specialist HR support including advising and putting in place Employment Contracts and an Employee Handbook
  • IT assistance
  • Establishing a Pension scheme for employees
  • Introducing a Commercial Insurance Broker
  • Helping the company locate premises
  • Selecting suitable bankers and opening accounts

We have been able to draw on experts within our team to provide specialist support around employment law, IT, pensions in addition to ongoing accounting and payroll support. The approach means Carl has access to ongoing accounting and advisory services, plus specialist support when he needs it, rather than employing costly inhouse resources.

The outcome

Although Carl had been building a customer base in the UK for some time and is a very experienced engineer, setting up and running a business required a new set of skills and knowledge. Carl said: “HB&O has taken us through every step of the process which has really taken the pressure off. They have been very supportive and responsive, which has meant our team has been able to focus on growing our UK business.

“Phil and his team are always quick to respond to queries, open to challenge, and genuinely have our best interests at heart. Their advice has helped us make the right decisions and they are a real pleasure to work with, “ Carl added.

“I’m delighted to report that since launching less than a year ago, we have exceeded all our initial sales targets and look forward to continuing our relationship with HB&O as we grow,” he concluded.