Advena Limited - John Adcock, Managing Director

Our international links have helped deliver the right solution for a local client looking to establish an office within Europe. 

Growing Warwickshire consultancy, Advena Limited, is heavily reliant on the European market for the success of its business. With the uncertainty created around Brexit, Advena turned to longstanding advisers, HB&O, for help in registering the company overseas. 

Advena consults with around 180 global manufacturers of medical devices to prepare product dossiers, quality systems and registrations so they are ready to sell within the EU.   

John Adcock, managing director at Advena, said: “We are a key gateway for global manufacturers looking to sell their medical devices inside the EU, because we ensure millions of medical products a year made outside the EU arrive inside the EU carrying the CE mark of conformity. 

“Leaving the EU was a concern to us, as there is now going to be at least a two year period of uncertainty about whether or not we will be able to proceed with our EU Authorised Representative service which provides help, advice and a legal trading footing to our global clients.” 

Advena worked with our team in anticipation of a possible decision to exit the EU. Thanks to our links with leading accountancy firms around the world, Advena was quickly able to put its plan into action by registering a subsidiary of its business in Malta within three months of Brexit. 

Mark Ashfield, Director, HB&O, said: “John has adopted a sensible approach to Brexit and by completing the deal so quickly, he has given his business immediate stability. Thanks to our relationship with DFK partners in Malta, we were able to support Advena with confidence. This included securing high quality, reliable accountancy support, sourcing suitable registered premises and setting up bank accounts, among other priorities.” 

The move to Malta means that the firm will continue to trade as an EU business for an indefinite period, retaining its relationships with existing clients. 

John continued: “Everything will stay the same, except we will have a virtual office there which will enable us to expand our client portfolio and operate as usual while eliminating any uncertainty for our clients.  

“With HB&O’s support, we were able to put our plans into action without delay, safe in the knowledge we would be working with an established firm in the DFK Network. As a result, we haven’t lost any clients due to Brexit, and we are currently adding around two companies a month to our client base.”