Risk assurance

HB&O Chartered Accountants in Leamington Spa, Coventry and Warwickshire offers a range of risk assurance services, designed to repay clients’ investment through improved control resulting in minimised loss of profits and increased efficiency.

We’ll identify areas of risk or opportunities to enhance controls within your business, then work with you to implement tailored and cost-effective improvements. Our services include:

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David Kendall, head of risk assurance

Business continuity planning

Business continuity planning should be an ongoing process so that an organisation can always feel confident that it is prepared for business interruption in the event of a flood, fire, cyber attack or other incidents.

HB&O Risk Assurance can provide expert support in all stages of the business continuity planning process, including considering all areas of potential threat to your business and producing a reference manual.

Third party control

Your business can find it time-consuming and costly to review the performance of third parties – including suppliers, service providers and sub-contractors – for service levels and invoicing accuracy.

HB&O Risk Assurance can carry out third party reviews to support you in making decisions about where to place future business. Our reviews can also focus on the third party’s compliance with relevant legislation and their business continuity plans.

Investigation assignments

Investigation assignments are often commissioned by management teams, in circumstances including suspected criminal activity, such as fraud or bribery.

HB&O RIsk Assurance can identify the issues, evaluate the impact of control failures and recommend cost-effective, risk-focused steps to strengthen protection against a future recurrence. We’ll tailor our services to your requirements, with past assignment including:

  • special investigations for company boards or audit committees
  • internal investigations
  • money laundering investigations
  • regulatory investigations
  • accounting irregularities/restatements
  • financial statement reconstruction.

Controls assurance

Our controls assurance service is used by business owners, management teams and stakeholders when they need independent evaluation of their processes and related controls, to provide reassurance that a business is being run and governed effectively.

Process documentation and formalisation

Defining and documenting formal processes in your business is crucial to operational consistency and setting the standards expected from every team member.

We will work with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your processes and any existing documentation, providing a robust foundation from which to assess procedures requiring formalisation and where existing documentation can be made complete. The outcome will be robust process and procedure documents that will standardise your operational performance.

Operational compliance

Once a business is clear about the policies and procedures required to maintain control, owners and managers need to known whether it is fully conformant and, if not, to understand why. Our on-site operational audits cause minimal disruption, can be completed quickly and will provide detailed information on non-conformance, allowing management to focus on the root cause of any issues.

We’ll ensure we understand existing processes and how management expects them to be adopted throughout the organisation before gathering relevant data and producing a clear, concise assessment report. We can then offer support in implementing agreed recommendations.

Corporate internal audit

An effective internal audit involves systematically reviewing all of an organisation’s key processes, including finance, HR, IT, sales and purchasing.

HB&O Risk Assurance provides cost-effective internal audits designed to evaluate policies, procedures and controls for factors including: 

  • achieving objectives
  • risk management
  • effective and efficient resource use
  • legal compliance
  • safeguarding assets against fraud, irregularity or corruption
  • the integrity of information.

With our internal audit, owners and managers can have independent confirmation that procedures and controls are operating effectively across their organisation and enable them to address any problems.