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Are you on top of Capital Gains Tax?

When you buy an item with the intention of selling it for a profit, that transaction is treated as a trade and the profit you make when you dispose of that item is treated as a capital gain, which is subject to capital gains tax (CGT).

19 Jul 17

Six steps to effective business planning

How much time do you spend working in your business, doing the day to day operational work involved in producing, delivering, or selling your product or services? If the answer is “All of it”, that’s a problem.

17 Jul 17

Local housing market springs into action

Locally, there are signs of a booming housing market, with high demand from first time buyers.

24 May 17

Making Tax Digital – time to get ahead of the game

The Government has removed the Making Tax Digital (MTD) legislation from the Finance Bill, despite announcing an updated timeline for the implementation of MTD just a few weeks ago.

26 Apr 17

The opposite of what you expect

Hands up if you expected Britain to vote to leave the EU and Donald Trump to be elected as president of the United States?

25 Apr 17

Make hay while the sun shines! The benefits of re-mortgaging

Interest rates have remained at historical lows for some time now but there are signs this could be about to change.

19 Apr 17

Top tips for successful cash flow forecasting

It’s not uncommon for businesses to put off forecasting their cash, often due to a lack of time or perceived value of doing so.

28 Mar 17

An employee or not an employee? Responsibilities are changing

Rules are changing for public sector engagements which puts the onus on the ‘employer’

07 Mar 17

R&D tax relief – make your innovations more tax efficient

Many businesses don’t realise they are eligible for R&D tax relief and could be missing out on significant tax savings.

03 Mar 17

Closing the door on cyber risks

We handle confidential information, so when it comes to security advice, we are all ears.

10 Feb 17