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Is this the end of the tax return?

The Chancellor announced that the tax return as we know it is coming to an end. This does not meant that income and gains will no longer need to be declared; there will be a new, simpler system in place - the digital tax account.

Budget 2015

The final Budget statement of this Parliament was delivered by Chancellor George Osborne on 18 March 2015.

The Office for Budget Responsibility has upgraded its 2015 growth forecast for the UK economy from 2.4 per cent to 2.5 per cent. The unemployment rate is predicted to fall to 5.3 per cent this year and January 2015 saw Britain achieve a record rate of employment.

However, despite the improvements in the economy, the Chancellor admitted that "difficult decisions" remain on the "road from austerity to prosperity". 

Download HB&O's Budget Report which summarises the announcements made by Chancellor George Osborne during the 2015 Budget. 

If you would like to discuss any issues arising from the Budget please contact us.

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